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Our finely trimmed Ramen ranges from different zesty broths sure to meet your needs


Maki's signature rice binds the complimentary toppings of your choice into a delightful meal


Savor the flavor of our sushi rolled with fresh fish coated in premium rice sure to exceed your expectations  


We only curate the finest ingredients that blend together and yield a rich taste. We have established a strict criterion vowing to only use the most wholesome and freshest ingredients to prepare every dish, and have strived to prepare them in healthy methods providing exceptionally nutritious food. Indulge in our signature plates including our Ramen with broth that is cooked to precision for 12 hours making sure it cultivates the flavors of the pork bone and other finely cut ingredients it is boiled with. Much of our attention has been attached to ensuring all our customers a sense of welcomed hospitality supplemented with a cozy and inviting ambiance where you can enjoy not only your meal, but also the authentic atmosphere.

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At Maki our customers are our priorities and our team will be sure to get acquainted with any questions or regards you may have. We are fond of notable cleanliness and know that a clean perimiter throughout the restaurant is important to you as much as it is to us. All of your demands and requests will be adequately responded to in our restaurant. Our refined team not only strives to deliver meticulous service but also put together gratifying plates. The savory sushi we adorn cultivates a fine flavor sure to melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. Other customer favorites include our seamlessly trimed noodles marinated in a wide variety of rich ramen soup bases or our rock wings cooked to perfection which pack an ideal tangy sauce sure to exceed your expectations.

Give us a visit and drop by at our location to be part of the family.

Sushi bar tastefully garnered by

our elite sushi chef

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